The collection

The creation of a collection, centred on Monet

In addition to mounting representative exhibitions, the musée des impressionnismes Giverny has also implemented a purchasing policy. Still modest, it is strictly linked to the museum's missions and generously underwritten by its donors. Following the exhibition ‘Maximilien Luce, Neo-Impressionist. A Retrospective’ in 2010, Dominique Ledebt, whose family was linked to the Luce family in Rolleboise, offered two important works by the painter to the museum. Several artists  have since followed his example, for instance, the painter Hiramatsu Reiji and the photographers Olivier Mériel and Bernard Plossu have all offered works by their own hand. Then there are the descendants of artists, Adrien and Anne  Ostier and the granddaughter of Maurice Denis, Claire Denis, who, in the wake of the exhibition ‘Maurice Denis, The Eternal Spring’, offered the museum a painting and a rare portrait of Claude Monet, both painted by her grandfather. These early acquisitions are generally displayed in the ‘Autour de Monet’ room where loans from the musée d'Orsay and Terra Foundation give coherence to the presentation. It should not be forgotten that, since its creation, the musée  es impressionnismes Giverny has also gained from several deposits by the FRAC Normandie Rouen (Joan  Mitchell, La Grande Vallée, 1983–84), Dominique Ledebt (a set of seven paintings by Maximilien Luce), Philippe Piguet and the  village of Giverny (Blanche Hoschedé - Monet, Lupins et Pavots, and Frederick MacMonnies, L’Abbé Toussaint). Lastly, the musée des impressionnismes Giverny has itself purchased works, which have generally been linked to its  programme of exhibitions. An example is a drawing by Bonnard of Claude Monet and Marthe Bonnard in the dining-room in Giverny, a  painting by Maurice Denis, and photographs by Olivier Mériel and Bernard Plossu.  Plans are being  ade for the establishment of a Society of Friends, the aim of which  will be to support the museum, to help to secure donations and to contribute to its purchasing fund.

Permanent exhibit Autour de Claude Monet

In addition to its temporary exhibitions, the musée des impressionismes Giverny has a permanent display of works that reflect Monet’s influence on his contemporaries and on the generations that followed him. This gallery will give visitors an insight into the work of the father of impressionism and its impact on other artists, from the painters of the American colony in Giverny to Joan Mitchell and Hiramatsu Reiji, together with Blanche Hoschedé Monet, Maximilien Luce, and Maurice Denis, etc. While not aiming to be exhaustive, this gallery pays tribute to one of the leading figures in the history of French art by emphasizing how his impact extended beyond his own country and lifetime.