Explore the unique universe mixing baroque and jazz music with Jean-Charles Richard and Pauline Bartissol

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Bach on the Block

Both composers and improvisers, baroque musicians and jazz musicians are closer than you might think. Their singular vision of the musical object allows them to explore immediacy and freedom of play.
Pauline Bartissol (cello) and Jean-Charles Richard  (saxophone) will mix their own imagination with the
masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), an absolute master of writing for solo instrument and who brought the art of the Suite to its perfection .

Here, the intention is to find and serve the intention of the composer by circumventing the reference versions, to replace these suites on the territory of popular music and dances and to divert the object to draw from it freshness, freedom and new sounds.

Program (order subject to change)

Vernon Conservatory Saxophonists
Heroines by Jean-Charles Richard
Devil’s Pupilt by Mike Mower
An afternoon in Rio by Richard Percival
This and That by Richard Percival

Jean-Charles Richard and Pauline Bartissol as a duo
Rereading of the six cello suites by Johann Sebastian Bach, according to the mood of the day.

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