Echoing the Monet/Rothko exhibition, the musée des impressionnismes Giverny invites you to attend the second edition of its piano festival, alternating French and American music.

Sunday, May 29, discover the dialogue between French melody and Spirituals with soprano Marie-Laure Garnier and pianist Célia Oneto Bensaid!

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Purchase on our website (increased price for management fees) or at the museum cash desks, subject to availability. No reservations can be made by phone.

Piano-voice duet program

Spiritual (arr. Moses Hogan) – Walk together children

Duparc – L’invitation au voyage 

Spiritual (arr. Hall Johnson) – Ride on King Jesus

Spiritual (arr. Moses Hogan) – Deep river 

Poulenc – Main dominée par le coeur

Spiritual (arr.Moses Hogan)  – My good Lord’s been here

Poulenc – Priez pour paix

Spiritual (arr. Harry Burleigh) – Nobody knows

Spiritual (arr. Moses Hogan) – He’s got the whole world in his hands

Poulenc – Les anges musiciens

Spiritual (arr. Moses Hogan) – He never said a mumblin’ word

Poulenc – Nous avons fait la nuit

Spiritual (arr. Moses Hogan) – Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

Spiritual  (arr Harry Burleigh) – De gospel train

Duparc – Extase 

Spiritual (Harry Burleigh) – Weepin’ Mary 

Spiritual (arr. Mark Hayes) – Wade in the water

The Piano Festival

The musée des impressionnismes Giverny invites you to attend the second edition of its piano festival. International pianist Vanessa Wagner has done the honor of being its artistic director.

Music is indeed at the heart of creation and because the museum reflects these diverse forms, this piano festival will allow you to discover the Franco-American universe in three performances, in connection with the exhibition Monet/Rothko.

This year, Vanessa Wagner, musical director of the event, will inaugurate this musical weekend with a piano-reading duo with Romane Bohringer, on Friday evening May 27, and will be followed by Jean-Marc Luisada on Saturday May 28, then by Marie-Laure Garnier, soprano, accompanied on the piano by Célia Oneto Bensaid, on Sunday May 29.
In partnership with Yamaha.

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