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Exhibition Catalogue – “Hiramatsu, The Lily Pond. Homage to Monet”

This catalog offers a cross perspective between the work of the Japanese painter Hiramatsu Reiji, and that of Claude Monet. In 1994, Hiramatsu discovers the water lilies. The canvases of the French painter become a source of inspiration for this master of nihonga, a traditional painting style. Monet was himself influenced by Japanese art as evidenced by his works, his collections of prints, etc.

Published in July 2013 for the exhibition “Hiramatsu, The Lily Pond. Homage to Monet”.

Edited by Brigitte Koyama-Richard and Diego Candil.

Price: 32 €


  • 152pages, broché, 29x24cm
  • Éditeur : Snoeck Publishers, Gand
  • Langue : français / japonais
  • Année d’édition : 2013, ré-édition 2018
  • EAN : 9789461610898


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