Acquisition of The Seine at Vernon

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“It is not about painting life, but bringing painting to life.”
Pierre Bonnard


Acquisition of The Seine at Vernon by Pierre Bonnard

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the musée des impressionnismes Giverny launched a crowdfunding campaign to acquire The Seine at Vernon (1915) by Pierre Bonnard.

Thanks to 312 donors, this emblematic work will enter the museum collection.

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Why acquire works of art?

The aim of the musée des impressionnismes Giverny is to promote appreciation of the origins, geographical spread and influence of Impressionism on art history.
The mission of the museum is also to bring iconic works back to the place where they were created.

Why this work in particular?

Pierre Bonnard was one of the founders of the Nabi movement.
He painted this work in 1915 in the garden of his property nicknamed “La Roulotte”, which was located a few kilometres from Giverny and the house of his friend Claude Monet.
Like Monet, Bonnard drew inspiration chiefly from nature, which provided him with a wealth of material. In this work, the artist highlights the dense, wild vegetation as well as the banks of the Seine at dusk.
A few areas of impasto contrast with the particularly fluid use of oil paint. The supple, rhythmic brushwork is highly gestural, notably in the foreground. In many respects, this painting is a forerunner of American abstract art of the 1950s. Like that of Monet, Bonnard’s work inspired a new generation of painters who would in turn change the course of art history.
Within 45 days, the #BonnardEnSeine operation permitted to collect 55 566 €. Thanks to all the donors, The Seine at Vernon by Pierre Bonnard will be exposed in Giverny, a few kilometers away from where it was painted.

What are the advantages for me as a contributor?

Your contribution allows you to benefit of many goodies, detailed in this page, which correspond at 25% of the value of your donation.

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After the Parterre de marguerites, we are carrying on…

In 2016, the musée des impressionnismes Giverny appealed to your generosity to acquire the Parterre de marguerites (1892–1893) by Gustave Caillebotte. In addition to the donations made by many companies and by the Museum Friends' Society, the museum was given more than €43,000 by private individuals who committed to our project. We are very grateful towards all the people who helped us acquire the Parterre de marguerites by Caillebotte. Download the complete list of donors.


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Our partners to acquire the work by Pierre Bonnard

The museum warmly thanks its patrons and media partners for their valuable support as part of the #BonnardEnSeine campaign: